neacon is a fullservice ICT-company. We haven’t come across any problems we couldn’t solve technically. Do you have a challenge for us which you don’t know the solution for. Please do contact us!

Internet of Things

Besides smart software we also develop custom hardware. We have sensors communicate through the internet with our software and vice versa. We've developed this combination of smart hardware and software for the measuring of activity of medical devices, air quality and the opening of doors. We really believe in the power of sensors in for instance predictive maintenance. Would you like to know what projects we've developed with Internet of Things, check out our portfolio page.

Process optimization

Are your company's processes not all going efficiently? We would like to take a look inside your processes and see where the most improvements are possible. neacon is convinced that process optimization has to have a short return of investment in a time were changes rapidly follow each other. With our methods we strive to offer you a first concept as soon as possible. That you can afterwards test on functionality. No bookworks of requirements, but hands on step-by-step testing the process to come to the best final result. All our software is webbased, which means that your employees can work from anywhere with an internet connection. No install needed, log in and get to work! Are you curious which projects we finished so far? Take a look here at our portfolio.


Besides custom development neacon also developed their own products that any company can use relatively fast and easy. We've among others order portals, a quality management system and a security awareness sytem. More information on our products can be found in our portfolio.