neacon is a fullservice ICT-company. We haven’t come across any problems we couldn’t solve technically. Do you have a challenge for us which you don’t know the solution for. Please do contact us!

Process optimization

Are your company's processes not all going efficiently? We would like to take a look inside your processes and see where the most improvements are possible. neacon is convinced that process optimization has to have a short return of investment in a time were changes rapidly follow each other. With our methods we strive to offer you a first concept as soon as possible. That you can afterwards test on functionality. No bookworks of requirements, but hands on step-by-step testing the process to come to the best final result. All our software is webbased, which means that your employees can work from anywhere with an internet connection. No install needed, log in and get to work!Are you curious which projects we finished so far? Take a look here at our portfolio.


Ofcourse you can choose for a standard template adapted to you own graphic design, but if you really want something special to seperate yourself from your competitors, then you let neacon design a custom websign. Do you have a graphic design manual? No problem! We know how to handle predetermined styles also. Does your target audience have certain demands? We will take that into account also. Do you want to surprise yourself and your customers? Then let neacon be free in designing a website for you!


neacon develops websites and webshops within the WordPress environment with Magento and Open Cart. This makes it for you a lot easier to maintain your website or webshop. Do you just want a plain text website? That's no problem either. Then we just bring it back to basics. Because of the high standard our customers demand from the functionalities on their website or webshop, we are motivated to add a range of diverse functionalities that normally aren't part of WordPress, Magento or Open Cart. You shouldn't feel restricted in using a "standard" system.   Would you like to take a look at our work? Visit portfolio page.