The Internet of Things

- By: neacon -

From Roermond in Limburg, The Netherlands the Innovation Playground is working on setting up a LoraWan network. Dennis van Rijswijk from Moonz is project manager and neacon is the first developer within the network. The LoraWan network is a new protocol to connect all kinds of objects with sensors. This is the basis for The Internet of Things (IoT). At this moment neacon is working with sensors for all kinds of purposes on the LoraWan network. For instance an IoT solution to count cars, sensors for maintenance of the public space in connection with our own product Cordiplan and sensors to measure groundwater levels.   Possible solutions With The Internet of Things any device can go online. Lamp posts can be provided with sensors that detect someone being close to be switched on. Or managing your home devices even if your not in the proximity. All these sensors generate data that can be combined for analysis. This can lead to a more efficient use of devices, machines, objects etc. In open spaces the Lora Gateway has a reach of about 25 kilometer, in a densely populated area about 4 kilometers. That means that all sensor data within a range of at least 4 kilometer can be collected and processed. And you only need a regular penlite battery to keep the sensor running for several years, depending on the number of data and frequency of collecting this data.   Interested? There are many applications for IoT. We like to discuss this with everyone who wants to pitch their ideas. Due to our current experience we are capable to act swiftly and provide technical support at any IoT related question. Interested? Please contact us for a cup of coffee so we can discuss the possibilities.